Adria Motorhomes

Adria is one of the leading European manufacturers of motorhomes, vans and caravans, established in 1965. Adria pride themselves in their extensive knowledge and experience in the field of the development, production and marketing of motorhomes, vans and caravans. By offering a full range of services, constantly coming up with new innovations and adapting the products to customer needs, the company maintains a competitive advantage, while the Adria brand name is among the most recognisable and popular in the European motorhome and caravanning market.

Adria listens to the specific needs of its customers, tailoring the products they offer to meet these desires. Adria conducted intensive research into the specific preferences of their UK Customers and have tailored the variety of options offered in fabrics and colours to meet these preferences. To ensure the highest level of service to their UK customers, Adria maintain a well-stocked depot in the UK to ensure speedy delivery of parts and accessories to any of their dealers.

Their new generation vehicles are designed with adventures in mind. Stunning new models, new layouts and detailed improvements across the range. Manufactured at Adria’s state of the art production facilities, supported by Cara Motorhomes & Caravans class-leading 5-year warranty.

Cara Motorhomes and Caravans are one of the main dealers of Adria Motorhomes, Vans and caravans in the Midlands.

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