New Adria Caravan – Our Guide To Buying

New Adria Caravan – Our Guide To Buying

Buying a new Adria caravan can be a daunting process. At Cara Motorhomes and Caravans we speak with hundreds of customers each year as they look to find their new Adria caravan for their perfect home away from?

But what questions should do they ask and more importantly what questions should they be asking themselves when it comes to buying their new Adria caravan?

What’s my budget for my new Adria Caravan?

It sounds simple but this really should be a starting point for any customer looking to purchase a new Adria caravan. Don’t stretch yourself and go for a caravan that is going to mean that you can’t actually enjoy holidays!

How many should by new Adria Caravan sleep?

It sounds simple but this is so important. If you were buying a car, you wouldn’t get a nice convertible for a family of five would you? A caravan can come in all shapes and sizes and you need to try them out. Come to our showroom and explore or come to our October event.  Take the family and think about the practicality of what you are buying. Layout is key.

What am I capable of driving?

Towing a caravan can be tricky, particularly for those who are just getting used to the world of caravanning. This should be considered when it comes deciding which caravan is for you. Think about what you are comfortable driving and towing. Click here to head to Safeguard UK where they provide a guide to towing.

Who can I trust to buy from?

When buying a new Adria, peace of mind is key. At Cara we’ll give you that with a five year warranty across our motorhome and caravan range. This extended warranty has gone a long way to making Cara a very popular destination for those looking to buy a new caravan.

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