Motorhome Holiday – Top Tips To Safe Driving

Motorhome Holiday – Top Tips To Safe Driving

So you’re all set for your motorhome holiday. You’ve packed your bags and are looking forward to hitting the open road. Unfortunately the journey can be one of the most stressful parts of a motorhome holiday.

So we spoke to our team who have given you some expert tips to making your motorhome holiday journey more relaxing.

Motorhome Holiday Journey – Take Your Time

You need to accept that this isn’t going to be like driving a car. Enjoy your journey to your motorhome holiday destination and take regular breaks. Don’t let the experience get stressful and keep that positive mindset.

Become A Manoeuvre Master!

It’s no secret that one of the most stressful parts of a journey can be a tricky manoeuve. Remember that a motorhome is bigger than a normal car. Take your time and allow extra space. Be mindful of obstacles and maybe consider taking a special course if you feel like you need a little more confidence.

Think About Traffic

This applies for every journey but particularly when it comes to travelling to your motorhome holiday. Because you’ll be driving more slowly than other vehicles you should be respectful of them. When you can pull over safely and let other vehicles pass. You can click here to read a guide as to just how fast you can go in your motorhome.

Consider Upgrades To Your Vehicle

Your journey is better if you’re relaxed. A sat-nav can certainly help to make you feel more relaxed! But other items such as industry standard car seats for the kids or upgraded cupboard catches can really help to give you a little bit more peace of mind.

Do All Those Essential Maintenance Checks

Finally make sure before you leave you have checked you done all the checks before leaving on your motorhome holiday. Check your oil, tyres, break fluid and coolant before setting off. You don’t want to a stop off if you don’t need it!

Follow these tips and your journey will be a more relaxed adventure for the whole family. Remember you can a guide to the best motorhome holiday destinations here or you can click here to see all our latest motorhome stock.

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