European Motorhome Holiday – Three Quick Pointers

European Motorhome Holiday – Three Quick Pointers

One day this awful pandemic is over you will be able to hit the open road again. You’ll be able to drive like you’ve never driven and holiday like you’ve never holidayed before. But will it be time to go further afield, maybe it’s time for a European motorhome holiday?

If you’ve never experienced a European motorhome holiday it can be a little daunting. Driving on the other side of the road, different rules and regulations and where to go are all reasons not to take your motorhome to the continent.

But if you cross the channel you can open up an amazing European motorhome holiday world that is just ready to explore. Here are three points to making the holiday work for you!

European Motorhome Holiday – What Documents Will I Need?

It’s pretty simple this one, not a great deal! You will need a passport and UK driving licence for touring in a campervan in Europe but a visa and International Driving Permit are not yet requirements.

Depending on where you’re going we advise checking the AA’s country by country guides for up-to-date  information about what you need to carry in Europe.  It’s boring, but spend just one day doing this research before you head off and you’ll be glad you did!

European Motorhome Holiday – Where to go?

How on earth do you choose where to go when touring Europe by motorhome? How do you fit it all in? You could spend literally years in travelling in Europe and not see it all.

If you don’t have years, you need to decide what to prioritise! Pick what you want to see, pick where you want to go and find a holiday that is right for you. You can read a guide to destinations here.

I’m Worried About The Driving

If you’ve never driven on the other side of the road it can be a little daunting. It is completely natural to feel a little uneasy but you will be fine. Look out for your position relative to the road markings, lines and other traffic. You won’t be in the same place on the road that you’re used to, so a keen spatial awareness of your car is essential.

Roundabouts and left-hand turns will probably become the most difficult to navigate, and extra care should be taken on larger roads and motorways. Just take your time and you’ll be fine.

Once you’ve got rid of that anxiety you will be able to relax and enjoy your holiday and be able to enjoy your European motorhome holiday.

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