Cara Five Year Warranty – Explained

Cara Five Year Warranty – Explained

A major reason why we are quickly becoming the place in the country for Adria motorhomes and caravans is the Cara five-year warranty. Exclusive to Cara this extended warranty is incredibly popular with customers giving that peace of mind.

But what exactly comes with the Cara five-year warranty? What does it cover and why is it such an advantage for customers?

Cara Five Year Warranty – What is it?

Class leading and exclusive to Cara. The Cara five year warranty adds an extra three years top of Adria’s 2 year warranty. On motorhomes the warranty also cover the Fiat mechanical side. But you also get cover on habitation area giving customers every confidence when making their purchase.

You can click here to find out just what comes with a standard Adria warranty.

But do I have to bring my vehicle back to Cara for the work?

If a warranty repair is required, it is not mandatory to bring it back to Cara, any reputable caravan or motorhome dealership (or vehicle service centre for mechanical claims) can claim on the extra three years of the warranty meaning if you are away on holiday any repair could be carried out locally instead of it ending your holiday.

You can click here to find out more information as to locations in the country where you can get your vehicle repaired at an Adria approved centre.

But remember that here at Cara we have an industry leading reputation for repairs in our workshop. Click here to learn more information.

Do I have to pay for the extra warranty?

And here is the best part! There is no extra charge for the Cara five year warranty! The 5-year warranty package is included in the normal manufacturers retail price of the vehicle.

So if you are looking for a new motorhome or a new caravan and are looking for that added comfort, you really should be looking no further than Cara!

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