Adria Twin Motorhome – Perfect For Me?

The Adria Twin motorhome range has gone from strength to strength at Cara Motorhomes in recent years. Offering a luxurious alternative to customers, the Adria Twin range starts at £55,800. It also comes complete with our five year warranty as standard.

But why has the 2020 Adria Twin range proved popular? Let’s look at three reasons why customers are falling in love with the Twin line at Cara.

Adria Twin – Easy To Drive

Let’s face it, a motorhome might not always be the easiest vehicle to drive. Sometimes it can be a nightmare to make an escape to buy a pint of milk in your big motorhome. Sometimes customers even take a smaller car with them on holiday just to avoid that problem!

With the Adria Twin range you don’t have that problem. Coming with a choice of 6m and 6m40 length the Twin range is easy to move around any tight space.

The range will help to build your confidence in driving a motorhome. But you won’t sacrifice in terms of interior space due to the unique design that the Twin range comes with. You can see a video highlighting the space inside a Twin here.

Make A Twin Your Own

With a variety of colours and designs to chose from you’ll get a great range of personalisation with an Adria Twin. You’ll get up to seven colours to chose from and that really helps to make a Twin feel like it is your own.

Luxury Inside

Just because the Twin might be on the smaller side, you won’t compromise on luxury and specification inside. Featuring the exclusive Sun-roof, Sky-lounge and cabin-loft space design, with a choice of interiors and soft furnishings you get that sense of quality.

High specifications are available throughout the range including innovative kitchens, bathroom and storage solutions. Available in Supreme, Plus and new Axess models, the Twin has 15 layouts to chose from and all our Twin range come as three berth.

So there you go, three reasons why you should explore a Twin. Don’t forget you can click here to see all our latest Adria Twin stock, or you can follow this link to look at a complete brochure for the Twin range.