Why Do I Need A Motorhome Warranty?

What is my motorhome warranty? It sounds like a really simple question but here at Cara Motorhomes we get asked it quite a lot.

What’s perhaps more surprising is that not everybody realises just how important a motorhome warranty is. As a company that prides it’s self on offering extended warranties on all of our new motorhomes and caravans we take this really seriously!

But should you? Why does your motorhome warranty matter? Why do you need it and what makes it so important when purchasing your home from home? Here are three key reasons why you should care!

Potential cost of repairs

It sounds so simple but motorhomes can be quite complicated. If something goes wrong with your motorhome it can be an expensive fix.

Add in factors like damp that could be hidden until you have a habitation service and damp check carried out and you could find you have a serious bill to face.

Think of a motorhome repair like an iceberg, very little could be wrong on the surface. But lurking below could be a serious problem that could prove very expensive to fix. Remember that your motorhome warranty could save you here.

Peace of mind

There’s no way to beat around the bush here, a motorhome isn’t a cheap purchase. It’s not something that you are going to replacing regularly. Protecting your investment is important and a motorhome warranty does just that.

It’s also important to remember that should you wish to sell your motorhome or upgrade you’re going to be in a much better position if any fixes have been done under your motorhome warranty.

The cost of parts

Don’t forget a motorhome is a hand built vehicle. Whilst this is obviously a really desirable trait and part of what makes owning a motorhome amazing it does create some problems if things go wrong.

Spare parts can be quite expensive and a good motorhome warranty will make sure your protected if something goes wrong with your pride and joy.

Generally you know the reasons as to why a motorhome warranty is a really desirable thing for your new home from home. But the above reasons should add a little more weight to the bone.

Don’t forget that we offer a motorhome warranty that really stands alone in the market. With an extended. 5-Year Warranty and a 10 Year Water Ingress Warranty on all of our new Adria motorhomes you won’t be disappointed! Even our used motorhomes come with a minimum of a one-year warranty!