Three Tips To Driving Motorhomes

Even for the most accomplished driving motorhomes can be a little daunting. Thankfully an Adria motorhome is no more difficult to handle then a large van, but it is still important to remember some key differences when compared to driving your every day vehicle!

But have no fear as our expert team at Cara Motorhomes and Caravans are here to help. They have put together the following key points that should help you become an expert in no time!

Drive smoothly and plan ahead!

It sounds simple but this is so important. Accelerate smoothly, brake gradually and don’t be in a rush to get anywhere. Life on the road is all about the journey, not getting to the destination as fast as possible, or even having a destination. You’re taking a break, so relax and drive smoothly and enjoy the ride.

That said, it’s important to plan ahead. Motorhomes are large vehicles and although easy to drive, will be much longer than your car. You’ll need to take turns wider with your front wheels to make sure your back wheels make it round a corner without cutting across it. Be especially wary of corners with walls or bollards and ideally avoid any three point turns!

Enjoy the breaks!

We can’t stress this enough. You’re not going to be getting to your end destination as quickly as you might have done before. Enjoy the journey and take a rest from driving and enjoy the beauty of the motorhome experience is that Don’t wait until tiredness forces you to the roadside, plan to pull over regularly, maybe stop a while, put the kettle on, enjoy the scenery or explore a village – you never know what you might find!

A motorhome is tall!

In a car, height restrictions almost never apply to you, so it can be all too easy to pay no heed to these warning signs. However, in a motorhome, you’re sitting much higher than your usual driving position and the vehicle extends further still above your head. There’ll be a notice in the cab letting you know how tall your motorhome is, so be aware of this and make sure you keep an eye open for low bridge warnings on the road ahead and when planning your route. You’ll often find that your sat-nav can be programmed to avoid low bridges.

So there we have it, three key tips to driving your new Adria motorhome in an enjoyable manner. Enjoyable is really the key word here, the journey should be part of your break so relax and enjoy it!

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