Finding the perfect Adria motorhome.

Do you not know the difference between an Adria Twin or an Adria Coral? Let’s face it buying your first motorhome can be a bit of a step into the unknown.

We encounter customers who have these dilemmas quite regularly. So here are our three top tips to remember when coming into the motorhome world. If you are clear with these three facts in your mind, then you’ll find buying your new motorhome from Cara an absolute doddle!

What are you going to be using your motorhome for?

Do you want a motorhome that can double up as a regular vehicle? Do you hanker after a 40ft RV to live full time in. Or are you just interested in the long weekend away now and again? Will the grandkids come with you? How many seatbelts do you need?

An Adria motorhome come in all shapes and sizes, the names can be confusing. Do some research. Different types of motorhome lend themselves to different styles of use.

Everyone’s requirements are going to be different; the hard part is deciding what you need and then focusing on those needs.

The priority is important because finding the “perfect” motorhome might be nigh on impossible. Most of us make a compromise somewhere, whether on size, style or price etc. We need to find our high priority requirements first, and then all the others are a bonus.

Have a budget in mind and don’t stretch yourself

Let’s face it, buying a motorhome can be very expensive. Even if you set a budget you can quite easily find yourself breaking the bank.

There are literally many thousands of motorhomes for sale at any one time and it is important to get the right one. You will find the motorhome that fits your requirements at the price you can afford but it’s important to make this purchase right.

Of course there will be plenty that fit your requirements and are much more than you can afford but you should resist those. Motorhomes last a long time so maybe buying a used model may be right for you.

What can you actually drive?

Your licence will tell you the groups you are allowed to drive. Essentially; if you passed your car test before 1st January 1997, you are under 70 and have no medical conditions restricting your licence, you can drive a motorhome up to 7500kg Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM) or 8250kg with a trailer.

Of course there are variances in this so you should make sure you check your license. The last thing you want to be doing is buying a motorhome and finding that it won’t be getting any further than your drive! You can find more information on license requirements here.

The above three tips whilst pretty vague do offer you practical advice when purchasing your new motorhome. But we really can’t stress how important it is to speak with sales experts who can guide you through the process.

Click here if you would like to speak to one of our team about how we can find the perfect Adria motorhome for you.