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RAPIDO-Logo-RS The Rapido reputation is founded on the enormous importance they attach to providing a comfortable and cosy environment, an ambience that has been modelled and remodelled over time and has benefited from the close attention Rapido pays to customer feedback. Our ever-busy R&D teams strive to create truly luxurious yet cosy interiors that are ergonomically tested and based on notions of well-being, with materials soft to the touch. Cara Motorhomes are an authorised dealer of Rapido motorhomes in Ireland.

The 2017 Collection is truly a return to Rapido’s core values, with high quality new furniture and you have a choice between classic or modern styles. Inside the living areas, real wood is used alongside leather, chrome and brushed aluminium in both the Low-Profile and the A-Class ranges. Rapido uses solid maple wood for several of its furniture ranges, giving the elegant and stylish touches that make the brand. The shades of the wooden furniture are carefully selected so as to blend harmoniously with the interior styling and the other materials used. For the luxurious 9DF Design Edition Series, Rapido has even collaborated with an interior designer of yachts, to create a unique, nautically-inspired ambiance.


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Rapido motorhome models

Rapido make great changes in 2017 with a selection of new models replacing slow sellers, adds up to a strong consolidated line-up of Rapido motorhomes for 2017.
The first of the new models introduced in 2017 appear in the low-profile line-up, with the 665F, 680FF and 690F. The 665F is of particular interest, since it brings Alde ‘wet’ central heating to the 6F series for the first time. One of two models within the range to offer twin fixed single beds (the other being the 666F), the 665F has the added benefit of a full-width end washroom and a separate shower, to go with its L-shaped forward lounge, all contained within a body measuring just under 7.4m.
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